Our customized posture analysis focuses on vertebral biomechanics. The system assesses overall posture with the goal of correcting and improving postural health and related musculoskeletal disorders, back aches and other posture-related pains.

Perfect Form Posture Analysis points out all muscular asymmetries by calculating fundamental biomechanical variables such as joint compression forces, vertical alignment deviations and center of gravity. This data is then analyzed through an internet database of over 350,000 biomechanical evaluations to automatically generate a tailored solution comprising of specific corrective exercises and stretching programs. Additionally, tracking capabilities allow you to measure progress and improvements over determined periods.

Assessment of Muscle Asymmetries: Correct Posture and Improve Back Pain

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Step 1
Marker placement and image acquisition.
Step 2
Analysis of results: Correlation between postural deviations and basic golf movements.
Step 3
Personalized corrective exercise program

Placement of thirty-two light reflective anatomical markers at specific locations.

Capture of four digital pictures (lateral, anterior, and posterior views).
HIPAA compliant scanning and correction of the images by computer software.

Automated biomechanical analysis on the expert web server.
Identification and prioritization of postural deviations.

Generation of corresponding 10-week corrective exercise plan .